by Acollective

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released July 7, 2014

Acollective are Idan Rabinovici, Roy Rieck, Roy Rabinovici, Joseph E-Shine, Emanuel Slonim and Nadav Chef Luzia.

Many instruments and voices were recorded.

Written by Acollective
Produced by Acollective and Daniel Anglister

Recorded by Daniel Anglister at Bardo Studios
Additional Engineering: Idan Katz and Amotz Glass
Additional Recording at Gil Feldman’s Studio

Mixed by Daniel Anglister at NGA Studios
Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters, Austin TX.

Album Artwork: Adam Kalderon
Graphic Design: Roe Shani and Udi Goldstein



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Track Name: OTM
tried, so hard i tried
to kill this monster from inside
we tried, but millions died
so go and line 'em up in a single file

sigh, but don't ask why you and i won't reconcile
just smile, just for a while
you'll have the best and all the rest
over the mountains i'll go

could you give me till the sunset when all bets are spread out on our mattresses we don't speak no don't have sex just running out on cigarettes and our throat's dry and our blood's still wet but you don't cry you just regret and then forget when we met i was working for the government

you'll never watch me die
over the tears i row
over the mountains i go
Track Name: Breakapart
heart starts beating faster than the images that flash before your eyes
chest is aching, then again it might be that the dress is just too tight
and now the fun part's over, memories are honeytraps with no more cheques to cash i feel ready, years of crooked steadiness are foaming at the mouth and attack.

heart stops bleeding, it radiates but who knows if it's left or was it right
a slight distraction, you sensed it from the get-go but you can't go and there's no getting back
and now a past time lover, wrecked and then recovered, hovers at the doorway and laughs
and I can't stop feeling - funny how you let what kept you breathing to now eat you alive.
Track Name: Happiest of all Memorial Days
i want a child that never grows
and a love that'll never get too old
no slow days, there's an everchanging pulse
busy nights, the brightest lights
you get your cake and eat it too

i want to wake up to parades
and neon billboard signs where the colours never fade away
it's the happiest of all memorial days
a slow retreat, a fast defeat

if you're still alone i'd like to come back home

i have been sleeping with the wolves
velvet sheets, the fattest sheep, and an everblowing cold breeze -
it's like the planet's just for me
there's so much earth, so much ash, so much sea
Track Name: FINE
i broke the mirror again really think it looks much better just wanna be your friend never been much of a lover can't find the right way in promise you won't tell my mother 

i know i’m doing fine right now

think i’m gonna stay inside maybe you should meet my brothers tell them that we're doing fine tell them that they needn't bother can’t find the right way in never been much of a lover

i’m doing fine right now

we can talk about anything

let's talk about anything 

i know i can talk about anything 

i'll tell you anything i know

i broke the mirror again wanted to expand the ceiling we can be the best of friends this time lets try with some feeling i'm gonna stay inside and every time i miss the surface

i’m doing fine right now

we can talk about anything 

can't talk about anything

i know we can talk about anything

i'll tell you anything i know

night falls, 

still still

there’s it’s

Track Name: At Least
well, at least she makes you think 

so why settle for what you wanted? 

why settle for what you need?

well, at least she's not around

so why bother with why she's haunted? 

why bother with why you are?

well, at least she keeps all her secrets and weeps in a manner so sweet it could never bring you down 

so don't ask her where she's been

well, at least she makes you think.
Track Name: Custom
i should've stayed at home

propped up in an armchair with my favourite magazine 

should've held my tongue

should've woken you up

bad news when you least expect it

i shouldn't drive the car

and though it tears you up

things are kept just the way you left them 

and i lost my tongue

go get an early start

leave some room for subtle accusations 

there's still a long way down

told you you’d be there for me

told you that you'd follow me down 

i told you to beware of me

told you that you'd follow me down

i should've stayed at home

fed you sour oranges and sweet tea when it rains 

when the roof fell down

should’ve woken you up

rise up from the mattress to the best news that we least expected

there's still a long way down.
Track Name: Beating Heart Cadavers
we won't sign no papers, we shall leave no trace of our inner conscience and our higher brain

if there's a need to harvest what we still maintain - pump our veins with protoplasmic common sense

did you check our wallet for a donor card?

did you call our siblings, told them what we are -
a near-life experience, a criteria

spinning lies in a cracked mason jar

and we laugh

years of listening out of reflex

laugh just to break out in tears

and we cry, still we're beating heart cadavers

icy water in our ears
Track Name: I Can't
i can spend every night thinking of you

waking in an empty bed, where did she go to?

i'll hunt you down, cut out your throat

i can't spend every night sinking with you

it always ends up more than having just a drink or two 

you're an animal, you chew flesh and bones

i can't spend every night being with you

why did you change all the things i love the most now we're terrified, we need a place to hide

why? it all became so surreal, our hearts are beating faster than the speed of light 
please hold me tight,

and never

let me


i can't spend every night talking to you.

you can't let go of all you want and i just can't refuse

beneath a tree we’re carving our hearts

i can't keep spending night times with you.
Track Name: Had It Once
we had it once not long ago i wasn't sure but now i know what we lost what we gained i was standing at her place i was calling out her name once we're broke we play to win keep it stored behind our eyelids and hide it deep within forget to learn it’s so far away it's only for short while we should play it day by day

click your heels wipe your sweat so much empty space too many loud unwelcome guests and i fell down to my knees i told her she'd be sorry that i'd never let her leave thought she knew thought she'd tell i kept her boxed up in the attic to make sure that she stays well we had it once we'll play it smart ignore the tearing at the edges and the thawing of the heart

we got so old.

what you learned what we named i knew we had it once and i thought you knew the same please come home please stop ripping up my chest i got you motivating blinders leave them on when we undress what is lost we'll retrieve i'll keep you underneath my mattress and i'll never let you breathe now i'm sure now i know i promise you, now i'll never let you go

no i’ll never let you go.
Track Name: Pancakes
clearing deadweight out of our old place

i'll cut you in pieces and wrap you in ribbons for my birthday

and i'm deadweight 

i'm in a bad state

i'll lay a new carpet and fix up the faucet and make pancakes

it got so late

all our boxed mistakes

the picture framed hours, the drain in the shower and the tax rate

i can't think straight

so much dead weight

clearing deadweight out of my suitcase

turn couches to kingdoms of fortified cinnamon pancakes

put up a new face

i'll carve my own space.
Track Name: We Never
you better run

you better stop

in your tracks, on the ground 

they're out for blood

you better talk

are you better off

in your tracks, lying down 

they're out for blood

don't lose your temper keep your voice down

you never run

you never stop

and you're trapped underground 

what's dead is done

in your tracks, on the ground 

they're out for blood

don't lose your temper keep your voice down
Track Name: Locket
after you're done with the rooster

better take care of yourself

call them and give out your name and number, ask for municipal help.

after you finish lying about things that you'll never regret

call her and beg her to call off the wedding 

take back your loving instead

put it in a safe and lock it for a long, long time.

after you restart rewriting the third act in each of your plays 

call it whatever you want to call it 

as long as it gets you to bed

put it in a safe and lock it for a long, long time.